Reidflix is my PVR with a Netflix like interface.

If you would like to see pictures of my computers mounted under my desk click here to go to dropbox

Library tracking (optional)

The complete list of the the shows and episodes that I have, and it is constantly growing.

Simkl (public). Trakt (public), Episode Calendar

Series Guide and Nuvue  are calendar apps for android that work with Trakt


Player (the only part your users see)

Plex or Emby has apps for all your devices, so you can watch the show you want on the device you want. It does this with a very nice metadata filled interface and all automatically.


Management / Downloading

Sonarr manages all your media automatically but you can manually control it if want or if something goes wrong.

Radarr is Sonarr for Movies.

You will also need at least one (more is better) indexer site here is a list.

Sabnzbd or NzbGet actually downloads the media but works in the background so you just set it only need to check it if you want.

You will also need at least one (more is better) Usenet Server here is a list make sure to get ones on different backbones.

Tautuill is Plex tracking app that lets you see server watch stats like who is watching what, which players transcode and if anyone is sharing their login.


Helpful Sites

Cutting Cords – setup guide

HTPC Guides – Is also very good especially for the more advanced stuff

like Reverse proxy ( vs. – way easier to remember) using dns from No-ip for Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, Sabnzbd, NzbGet remote functions

Grey Coder – Privacy, Usenet

Reddit – r/usenetr/Tautullir/sonarr, r/radarrr/PleXr/htpcr/DataHoarder

TVLine – TV news

TV by the Numbers – TV Ratings


Helpful Programs

Team Viewer is a remote desktop application so you can control your PC from any where

Ninite is good for getting multiple app like Team Viewer, Chrome, Dropbox at once without any junk

Private internet access is a great VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt all you internet traffic.


Helpful Apps

Nzb 360 is a Sonarr and Sabnzbd app for android

Pushover sends notifications to my phone when new episodes of my favorite shows are ready to watch.

PushBullet is great for sending links to other devices, getting phone notifications on you computer, and even sending text messages from your pc.


At last check I have 21458 episodes of 542 shows and 243 shows are currently airing. New Episodes add automatically.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions you can leave a comment on the contact me page.

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