Lake Simcoe ArcScene

This is a 3-d model of Lake Simcoe without the water using ArcScene, different colours represent different depths.

Simcoe top view
View from directly aboveSimcoe SouthCross section view from the south
Birds eye view from the south
View from bottom of Kempenfelt Bay
View from bottom of Kempenfelt Bay




Bathymetric map of Silver Lake with colour coded grid

This is a Bathymetric map of Silver Lake with colour coded grid for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Midhurst District. The purpose of this map is to help fish and wildlife technicians gather data about the fish in this lake. The one on the left is missing its air photo and the one on the right has its air photo.

fishnet silverfishnet-Silver

Aggregate Sites Map

One of my projects at the MNR was to create a template of a site overview so that site visits would be easier for the inspectors.


Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers an National Football League (NFL) team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL, having been organized and playing in 1919.[5] The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)


Video of the Lidar Point Cloud

Bird's eye view of Lambeau Field.
Bird’s eye view of Lambeau Field.
Lambeau Field from above.
Lambeau Field from above.
LambeauGoogle Maps
Google Maps view of Lambeau Field.

Lidar Data from

Google Maps image from

Rare Earth Elements – From China to the World

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are a set of 17 elements on the periodic table that are important to a modern economy because of their uses in most electronics. The problem with REEs is that they usually don’t form large enough deposits that can be mined for profit. Most of the rare earth element mines are in China, and then China exports them to the rest of the world.



• Magnets: used in applications including electric motors and power generator turbines.
• Batteries: commonly used in rechargeable batteries, used in all plug-ins and most hybrid vehicles.
• Metallurgy: Used to enhance performance of metals
• Lasers: used as gain medium of several types of laser.
• Phosphors: Chemicals used to produce light in tube displays, florescent tubes.


These are all of the Earthquakes that happened today – Updated Daily.

To experience the interactive version click the link:

This map was crated using


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Alcatraz Island Lidar model

This is a 3-D image of Alcatraz Island created from Lidar data. It was created by importing the Lidar data into ArcMap then converting it into a Tin (Triangular Irregular Network), then importing it into ArcScene to make it 3-D. I also choose a colour scheme that would show the water as blue and the island as green. The Lidar data came from USGS Earth Explorer and is free for personal use.

2013-10-24 15_42_59-alcatraz2.sxd - ArcScene

2013-10-24 15_45_15-alcatraz2.sxd - ArcScene


The Human Footprint

This map was made with the National Geographic MapMaker Interactive. It shows that a large portion of the population and Human Impact is in the southeastern part of North America. The rest is scattered along the west coast, southern prairies, and a few cities in the western United States.

Click on this sentence to see the interactive map. The Interactive map also shows the rest of the world.


2014-11-13 12_39_52-NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive
Screen Shot of the Human Footprint

Paris – City Tourist Map


Bivariate Choropleth map

This Bivariate Choropleth map shows the correlation between change in population and crime in the United States Between 1985 and 2005.Crime vs Pop

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