2014 Global Peace Index

This map shows a ranking of how peaceful a country is. Canada Ranks 7th.

2014-06-22 16_45_42-2014 GPI MAP.pdf - SumatraPDF



Xbox One Vs. PS4

This map shows which console each state prefers on Facebook.


PS4 vs. Xbox One in the U.S.: Here's a state-by-state breakdown of the console war

Mobile Devices + Twitter Use

The brand of phone people use by area. Explore the site to see what your home town uses.


2014-03-06 14_02_14-Twitter + GNIP

Below the Boat

Great Lakes Bathymetric map by Below the Boat. They have maps of 40 other locations through North America.

2013-12-05 13_16_24-Below the Boat - Great Lakes

The Colonization of America

Click on the map to see the population grow.


Fines for texting while driving

Ontario has a $150 fine for Distracted driving.texting_vv



Get Lost in These 19 Fascinating Maps




The Most Efficient Health Care Systems in the World (INFOGRAPHICS)

originaloriginal (1)


The Most Efficient Health Care Systems in the World (INFOGRAPHICS)

Live Twitter Map

Watch as the tweets fill the world with this live twitter map. The longer you watch the more you see hot spots emerge.

2013-10-03 14_31_28-Tweetping



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